Lego Creations That Put Yours to Shame

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hellonettoYou may love building with your Legos, but have you ever thought of actually making a career out of it? Probably not, but Duncan Titmarsh did.

Over five years ago Duncan gave up his job as a kitchen fitter to build a business around Lego building and it has been successful. Bright Bricks is one of only a handful of companies officially recognized as a Lego builder by the Danish toy company and the only British one.Bus-and-Taxi-at-Troxy

Bright Bricks is a U.K. based company that makes Lego creations and is quickly becoming world renowned for their brick creations. If you’ve been near a huge Lego creation then you might have seen their work.

In 2014, at the SDCC, there was a life-size replica of Groot and Rocket in full Lego form.groot and rocket

Together with company director ED Diment and about 30 staff they have built hundreds of Lego creations.

And I…

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Dupage County Comic Con Business Card Giveaway


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Todays event is the Dupage County Comic Con. It’s a lot smaller than C2E2 but you are more likely to get better deals, have better conversations with the artists and see more things than you do at the big cons.

While there, I will be handing out a business cards. If you received one from me, look at it closely because you may have won a prize.  If your card has something ‘winner!’ written across it you have won a prize. To confirm you are a winner you will find a secret word written on the back of the card, you will need that word to claim your prize.

If one side of your card resembles this, then read on to claim your prize

100_5838To claim your prize you must email me at with the following information:

  1. Visit and give me the title of one article
  2. Go to popculthq on Facebook and like us – email your facebook name so I can confirm it
  3. Give me the word that is written on your card
  4. Send me your name and address, so I can send out your prize.

You have until July 27th to claim your prize

Why is Fallout 4 Video Game So Popular?

April Carvelli:

The customization features on this game rock

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falloutFallout 4 is the most highly anticipated game in the Fallout series and possibly even of the year. Yes, the new real-life ‘Pip-Boy’ has gamers drooling, but that isn’t what makes it stand out from the other games.

What makes it so popular is the customization features. You can do almost anything when it comes to customization.

You start by selecting parts of your face and then you begin sculpting them. Bethesda’s dynamic Creation Engine is the same one they used to create the NPC’s. You no longer use sliders, as many of the other games do, you simply touch and adjust as you want. The advanced customization features seem so detailed that you can probably create your own virtual self, or at least your ideal self.fallout custom

The best part is that you aren’t restricted to just a male form, you also play the female half of the couple and…

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Meet a Real-Life Superhero… Autumn Weaver-Nigro

April Carvelli:

A real life inspiration

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Autumn NigroFor the first year, Iowa had a Wizard World convention and geeks rejoiced. When the doors opened on June 12th, thousands of con-goers flooded the Iowa event center.

Three day passes sold out weeks before the event and Saturday passes sold out just a few days before it. The celebrity list included the regular Wizard World line up, but one interesting addition was Miss Iowa, Autumn Weaver-Nigro who dressed as Wonder Woman. Autumn is a self-professed nerd who started going to cons and doing cosplay as a way to improve her self-esteem and to deal with bullying she endured at school.

Autumn was born deaf and received cochlear implants at the age of 3, allowing her to have limited hearing. Because she was born deaf, she had difficulties with some sounds and her voice patterns didn’t match those of children who had heard their whole life. This led…

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Mad Max: Fury Road – A True Dystopian Masterpiece in Pulp Fiction

April Carvelli:

I went and saw Mad Max on opening night and all I can say is.


If you haven’t seen it yet, then do so.

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fury road1Wow! He did it. George Miller’s latest addition to the Mad Max franchise is a winner. He managed to keep it true to the original two movies, yet bring the filming, acting and action into the current era.

Mad Max: Fury Road is an action packed chase movie right from the start, with barely a moment to breathe between action scenes. George Miller stays true to the Max Max form; he’s not going for bigger and bigger explosions. He doesn’t do what most modern film makers do. He does not attempt to keep escalating his action scenes. All of them are well done classic style action scenes. There are no impossibilities, no upping the action, just a constant stream of high quality action.

The entire movie is an imaginative dystopia. Throughout the whole movie you see the historic remnants of today’s civilization and how they would have been interpreted over…

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Not a Lot of Free Time Lately



Hello out there. I’m not even sure anyone is reading this blog, but that is okay. This blog is set up more as my portfolio and resume for writing than for anything else. If I see something cool I will put it up here, or if I have excess articles they will go in here. As you can tell, I don’t have excess articles, probably because I am pretty darn busy and only seem to have time to write the articles I am assigned.

I get up at 5:30 and start writing. I make sure the kid is up by 7, feed him and get him out the door and on his bus by 8:20. I then continue to write until 9 when I head to work. Hopefully by nine I have cranked out two to three articles.

I work until 3 or sometimes 4 and then head home. If the weather is decent I will work in the garden until about 5, if the weather sucks then I either use this time to write more articles or I clean. I start dinner around 5 and by 6:30 I am usually writing again or at least doing some research. I get the kid in bed at around 8 and then spend until 9 doing whatever needs to be done.

I usually try to wrap things up by nine so I can spend an hour or so with the hubby before crawling off to bed and starting it all again.

Not much free time to read, talk, catch up with friends or to just chill out, but it seems to be working okay for now.

Spring is here



Well it seems that the weather has finally decided to settle into spring and jump right over to summer with these temperatures. The only thing spring about it is the intermittent rain.

It continues to be a busy year, there is a lot going on. There is writing and work, and gardening and housework. Then on the weekend I seem to be replacing work with charity or costumed events of some sort.

I’d like to get to a few car shows, but I am not certain when that will happen. I’d also like to get Bernice out and drive her a bit, but the weather has been pretty unpredictable lately so I will wait until there is no chance of rain, besides with all the pollen currently in the air she is likely to come back yellow, and I don’t want to spend that much time cleaning her up.

Popculthq is doing great. We’ve got sponsors and a lot of regular readers. If you haven’t checked us out yet, then I suggest you do so.

C2E2 2015 Cosplay Pictures


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It was a busy weekend and I am only just starting to catch up. Here are a few pictures from the C2E2 weekend. Hope you enjoy them:

If you want to see some great pictures of the C2E2 weekend then head over to popculthq where I have posted some of the best. they were broken up into Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Group Cosplay, and Kids Cosplay (which should be posted over there later today.)


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