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Well we have done it. PopculHQ


has been out there for 11 days. We have over 350 followers on the Facebook page, over 200 visitors to the site and over 400 views. For less than two weeks we are doing pretty good.

We wnat to be the go-to site for all things pop culture. We cover cosplay, gaming, movies, trivia, conventions, gadgets and gizmos, comics and toys….basically if it catches our interest it will probably catch yours.

We can’t wait to see where it goes from here…it will get pretty interesting as we line up interviews, and possibly a few original videos. We are looking at well known artists for sneak peeks into their latest works and planning to talk to the everyday person that loves this stuff.

It is going to be a blast.

Villains at the GeekBar


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Last night was the C2E2 Villains event at the Geek Bar in Chicago. It was a lot of fun and quite a few Villains made appearances, including myself. More of that will be covered in PopcultHQ later this week.

geek bar group

I’m writing about the Geekbar itself.

It is a fairly small establishment, but the atmosphere and food pack a huge punch. First off I will start by recommending the Dagobah Fog…it is to die for

Roasted Brussell Sprouts with a truffle, cauliflower and celery root mousse… it was so good that I didn’t even think of taking a picture until it was finished, and I figured that no one wanted to see an empty dish.

Other foods I sampled there the Awesome sauce and fries (homemade fries!),and the Bluth Family Special which is Waffle-Battered Chicken strips that come with a homemade honey-mustard sauce. It was fantastic food, and definitely not your standard bar fare.

Oh, and their selection of microbrews is pretty good too.

Their prices are good and I love the fact that they have included the tax in their menu prices so you aren’t slammed with unexpected Chicago taxes when you get the bill.


Want to play a game?

This is the ultimate hangout for Chicago geeks. There is gaming, theme nights, and even bad science fiction…it is everything a geek should love without the mountain Dew and Cheetos.

When you get a chance stop in and check them out, they are at 1941 W North Ave in Chicago.


There is no shortage of game choices, just in case you forgot your own at home

And Here IT is!!!!!!


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Kurt_Wagner_(Earth-616)_from_Nightcrawler_-1A few days ago in my post “Do I Qualify as a Veteran Writer Now” I mentioned several sites I had been a part of and how several of the sites were now defunct and never made it of the ground floor.

However, shortly after I posted that I got an offer to get in on the ground floor of an endeavor that I think will take off. It’s a new media outlet for all things pop culture. We will talk about comics, toys, gizmos, conventions, cosplay, tech and even cars. Basically, if it is cool we will cover it.

You wont see us rehashing something old, you wont see us reposting others peoples articles. This will be all us, all original. This is going to go somewhere big. We will be working on interviews with well known actors, cosplayers, and maybe even a few rocket engineers.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce the newest in pop culture news Pop Cult HQ. This will be the place to be.

Roku Lets You Take Your Movies on the Road


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If you are like me then you love streaming movies and TV shows. In fact I gave up cable years ago. I found that I could get anything I wanted just by waiting, eventually it would be available to stream.

rokuOne of the best ways to stream is the Roku and with their streaming stick you can even take your streaming on the road. Your shows are available for you from anywhere with WiFi.

Check it out

The new Roku streaming stick is an HDMI attachment that plugs directly into your television through a USB port to provide the direct streaming capacity of your computer. With 1,000 plus channels and over 31,000 movies, you can also stream Netflix and YouTube. The included remote makes the experience just like regular TV. Essentially, it’s a way to merge your computer and TV into a single super media machine, allowing you to watch online media on the television with as much ease as your cable.

Do I Qualify as a Veteran Writer Now?


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After cleaning up this site a bit I just realized that I have now been at this writing thing for over three years. My first officially published article was in March 2012 for Imperfect Parent and I had already been writing for several months before then as a ghost writer.

Since then I have written a huge variety of materials. I have written everything from simply copy ad to full white papers for publication in trade magazines. I just wish I could claim a few of the better ones to add to my repertoire, unfortunately that is part of being a ghost writer.

I have also worked for several sites;

And these are just the sites that are still up, there have been a huge variety of sites that never made it, but apparently I did.

Thank you to everyone that made it possible for me to continue this long in writing.

Configure your TIme Warner Email in Outlook or Thunderbird


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It’s nice to get a new computer, it’s faster and runs smoother, but the problem comes in when you want to do the same things on the new computer that you always did on the old computer.  One of the most popular reasons to have a computer is for email, and if you don’t configure it correctly, then you aren’t going to be able to retrieve your emails.

This article will show you how to configure your Time Warner Email in your Microsoft Outlook program or in your Thunderbird email program;

“Gather What Information You Need such as:

  • Your Time Warner Cable email address.
  • The password for your email account. This would have been established when you initially set up your account with Time Warner San Diego.
  • The incoming mail server name, also known as the POP mail server name. This is typically pop-server. followed by the portion of your email address after the “@” sign. So if your email is, the pop server name would be “”
  • The outgoing mail server name, also known as the SMTP mail server name. This is entered the same way as the pop server, but substitute “smtp” for “pop”. The same email address example above would use “”
  • Port and security settings for both the POP and SMTP mail servers (outgoing mail requires authentication).Then head on over to see what they say about configureing your Outlook or Thunderbird email.

Free Apps!


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Have your eye on a couple of Apps, but don’t want to pay for them,here are a few ways to get them, and a few others for free.

How to Legally Get Apps for Free

You don’t have to jailbreak your phone, change your identity or become an infamous hacker to get some apps for free. You can do it legally!

and they tell you how

Avoid TV Listing Confusion


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Ever wonder what was on TV, then try to look it up online only to be confused by all the different pages telling you what is on TV? They give you the wrong time zones, only give you call letters, or have huge blank spaces that tell you nothing. This review of the best TV Listings makes it easy for you to choose which TV listing to view that will give you the information you want, when you want it.

Battle of the TV Listings

…There are so many TV show choices today that it can be hard to plan your schedule, especially when you’re on the go. Frequently, you need to record one show (or sometimes two), while you watch another. To plan your viewing and recording choices, you need to find yourself a TV listing that works for you.

If you’re wondering why some people might choose these TV listings over their Cable TV provider’s listings, understand that not everyone has TV listings from their provider, or they are cumbersome. Also, many people use antennas, with no Cable TV service, which means they need to use the Internet to offset not having a cable box.

I’m going to review a few of the more popular choices across the web….


To The PTA Moms at My Son’s School

It has my experience that many adult groups that have any form of power consist of those that are essentially reliving their own ‘high school’ days. They form cliques and tend to have issues with anything that doesn’t conform to their way of thinking. Then when someone threatens or questions their status quo they become bullies.

I encountered similar with my sons PTO group, over, of all things…an article I had written regarding convenience lunches. Apparently many of them felt that my comments about lunchables and pre-packaged meals was insulting them. If they had actually read the article I was comparing the fact that no matter what you do or how much effort you go to, your chile will always want what the other child has. It had nothing to do with anyone being a bad parent.

In fact two parents looked up my home number to call and scream at me. I listened to them for a minute and then politely told them that I would consider it harrasment if their number was seen on my phone again.

It’s not just about prejudice…it seems to be anything that upsets the apple cart. I apparently upset them so badly that they chose to ban me from the parent facebook group, and when another mother called them out on bullying they also banned her.

I never saw her comments, as I was banned at the time, but I found it amusing that they reinforced her point by kicking her out.


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