Daytona2050 – The “Lemon” of Conventions? Part 1


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Not everything in the Cosplay world is bright and shiny, and the convention world is not an easy one to make money in, especially now that it has gone mainstream and conventions are popping up everywhere and many of them are huge failures.

Daytona2050 was a convention that was over-planned, over-promised, and poorly run, and as a result it under-performed and the owner, Heath Jones, is making everyone else pay for his mistakes.

I originally covered the failings of this convention back in December, when I found out that a few people hadn’t been paid and some that had been paid ended up with bounced checks.

Back then I had promised a follow-up article, well things have progressed dramatically, to the point of legal action for many.


Con + Alt + Del Cosplay


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This might be a little late posting, but in December I attended my first ever anime con, Con+Alt+Del. It wasn’t one of the biggest, but it was a decent size and there was a wide variety of cosplay.

I was impressed by the vendor quantity, there was a ton of selection for anyone that wanted to go shopping, and there was almost anything you could think of anime (an many non-anime) related.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to stop into the maid cafe, maybe next time I make it to an anime con I will.


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Darkwing Duck is COMING BACK!!


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“I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am your worst nightmare! I am Darkwing Duck!”.. and he is returning.

Disney has announced that Darkwing Duck will be returning to comics in April. The new comic will be published by Joe Books and will be the creative effort of writer Aaron Sparrow and artist James Silvani. Others joining the team include Andrew Dalhouse, Jesse Post and Deron Bennett.

In even better Darkwing Duck news (we hope) the animated series is also making a comeback. Only we won’t see it until 2018, but it has been confirmed by Disney that they are rebooting it and they claim it will have not only our favorite heroes and villains, but also the same feeling.

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The International Crown Championships of Cosplay Coming to C2E2 in March



The Crown Championships of Cosplay is back at C2E2 and this year will be even bigger. Not only is it New York battling Chicago for the crown, but now the competition is tighter with champions from around the world. The Crown Championships has already played out internationally in Shanghai, France, Australia, China, Austria, Singapore and Indonesia.


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Popculthq – Desucon 2016 – Cosplay in Finland


It is fun going over cosplay photos; I love seeing the ingenuity and talent of people as they express themselves. Cosplay gives people and cultures across the world a way to communicate that truly needs no words.

Desucon is an event that occurs every year in Finland. I don’t speak a word of Finnish, but without reading anything, I can truly appreciate the dedication and hard work that went into these cosplays. I love seeing how different cultures translate the different materials and which characters are the more popular overseas. It just goes to show that geekdom is everywhere.

Special thanks to Lunalle Cosplay Photography for the beautiful pictures. Head over there to get the full size photos in all their glory.


February Cosplay Conventions


Feb popcult cosplay list

At, we like to stay on top of the cosplay and convention scene. We have a list of conventions for the year that we continually try to update.


We also publish a monthly list of conventions occurring the next month. We do monthly lists so we can go through and check out which cons are actually happening and which ones have cancelled or had issues. Every month we find a few that have cancelled or had other issues and we don’t want you to be stuck in a situation because of them. We want you to have the best convention experience possible.

Here is the list of February’s Conventions:




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