Wizard World Chicago 2015: The Vendors Part 1 #WWC


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Wizard World is about more than just the cosplay, it’s a celebration of all things geek and this year with Bruce Campbells Horror Fest upstairs there was even more to celebrate.100_6588 (400x600)

Chris Kuchta is an artist that specializes in the horror genre. He has been drawing monsters since he was young, but has only been doing it professionally for about 10 years. He sees inspiration for his art everywhere; from classic painters to modern comics, they all give him ideas. My personal favorite is Big Trouble in Little China, in fact I picked it up several years ago and have it in my library.

100_6518 (600x400)The banners on this booth caught my attention, the art work on the banners was apparently done by Carol Phillips. They were peddling a series of books called the League of Elder by Ren Garcia. It is a series of five books (so far) based on a sci-fi world that combines history with space travel. It’s a classic love-hate relationship between civilizations and individuals.

100_6508 (400x600)Unfortunately I did not get the name of this company, but they have adorable hand made stuffed dolls. They’ve taken an old school classic and redesigned it with modern characters.
EDIT – Thanks to my friend Cliff I now know the name of the company that makes these adorable plushies. They are Night Owl Workshop

Pesceffects is the artwork of Jerry Pescoe. He does beautiful metallic art that makes even the darkest subject bright, yet eerie. It’s almost a fluorescent and black light look that is hard to describe, but it really stands out in your mind.

100_6543 (400x600)Ultra Sabers, a very popular name at Wizard World and there was no way you could miss them with a huge booth dead center front. I’m sure they did spectacular sales as there was always a line to pick up light sabers. They had them in a variety of colors, lengths and handle types. Even Master Roshi had to pick one up for himself.

Natural Selections was there with a variety of popular oddities, mostly in the form of dead creatures that had been stuffed or preserved through others means. It was a great learning opportunity for children to see skeletons and skulls of creatures they might have not seen before. I also saw a lot of fascinated adults. They are part of SkullStore which is Canada’s top supplier of ethically and sustainably sourced natural history products.100_6492 (600x400)Ms. Marthas Corset Shoppe was in attendance and they had a great variety of corsets, bodices. They seem like a decent quality too. If you’ve bought from them, let me know what you think of it.

Star Wars Takes to the Air with ANA and Themed Planes

April Carvelli:

Check out these awesome planes. They make me want to head to Japan just so I can fly in one

Originally posted on Pop Cult HQ:

Star-WarsStar Wars continues to take the world by storm and it may just be the most over advertised franchise in the world, but I don’t see too many complaints about it.ana2The newest Star Wars advertising announcements came from Japan’s largest airline, ANA. Their latests announcement is that there will be two more planes emblazoned with Star Wars characters to go with their previously announced Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner wearing the picture of the loved and recognized R2-D2 which is due hit it’s route between Tokyo and Vancouver on October 18th as flight NH116.anaANA will have a Boeing 777-300ER bearing the likeness of BB-8, the newest droid in the Star Wars family who will be making his big screen debut in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in December.

The other plane will be a 767-300 and will be carrying both the BB-8 and the well known R2-D2 on it’s…

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A True-Life Superhero Meets a Tragic End

April Carvelli:

It’s a tragedy when a real-life superhero dies from such stupidity

Originally posted on Pop Cult HQ:

lenny robinson3It is a dark day when lady luck turns a blind eye and lets a hero die, unfortunately that is what happened to the Route 29 Batman. We would love to say that his demise was the result of a daring rescue or a deadly battle with the Joker, but unfortunately it was not.lenny robinson4On Saturday night he had pulled the Batmobile into a gas station. As usual the car attracted attention and even though he was not in his Batman persona, Lenny Robinson, did not fail to impress. The Maryland resident spoke with a few people and distributed superhero paraphernalia to the children before heading on his way.
lenny robinson2A few minutes later he apparently had engine trouble and pulled over to the median on an unlit section of I-70, just outside of Hagerstown, MD. The people he had just met at the gas station pulled over behind him with…

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Do-It-Yourself The Fifth Element Stone Pillars

Originally posted on Pop Cult HQ:

fifth elementI am a fan of Fifth Element, but it seems that Fifth Element merchandise is hard to come by and what you do find out there costs a small fortune. thefifthelement-pattern-01You can easily pick up some stuff like the multi-pass, but the rest of the props just don’t get replicated as often as a lot of popular movies, perhaps because a lot of the props could be from almost any movie and they just don’t stand out well on their own.thefifthelement-air-02

One prop, or actually props, that is very identifiable are the stone pillars. While surfing around I found this great Instructables on how to make your own stone pillars, and the best part is that they made it a functional display piece by turning them into candle holders. Check out this awesome instruction by antagonizer.

fifth element1

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Cosplay and Convention List for August 2015

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kevin-doyle-star-wars-stormtrooperConventions are happening everywhere all the time and we at Popculthq want to keep you informed with what is happening and where. We will not only attempt to keep an updated list, we will also try to give you a monthly update on what is coming up.jamie lee 2

If you know of any conventions we haven’t listed, please let us know in the comments and we will add them. To qualify for listing we must have a date, location and a website or Facebook address.cosplay

Here is the list of upcoming conventions for August:


Rob-Con – Bristol, TN  August 1-2, 2015

Claremont Packing House Comic Book and Collectibles ShowClaremont, CA August 2, 2015

Orlando Nerd Fest – Orlando, FL  August 6-10, 2015

Steel City Con – Monroeville, PA  August 7-9, 2015

Texas ComiCon – San Antonio, TX  August 7-9, 2015

FandomfestLouisville, KY August…

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