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The Most Wonderful Device in the World

I am currently sitting here in front of my computer, applying for jobs, modifying my resumes and writing my blogs while my floor is being vacuumed. No one in my family is home and I haven’t trained the dog to do chores (though it would be nice if he at least picked up his toys). I’m not rich and can’t afford a maid, besides I really don’t want a complete stranger seeing what a slob I really am. I have a Roomba, well two of them actually.

Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that resembles the Millennium Falcon, Its round and about a foot across with a 2” height and wonderful job of your everyday vacuuming. It goes under tables and beds and does all the work at the push of a button while you go about your daily life. Even a two-year old can operate it (and mine did).

No, the Roomba doesn’t entirely remove the vacuum cleaner from your life, but it definitely reduces the work you need to do. The Roomba doesn’t do stairs and it has problems with corners, after all, you can’t fit a round Roomba in a square corner. Your edges will also need to be vacuumed occasionally because the Roomba does have a tendency to push some stuff towards the side.A new battery lasts about an hour, so it can get a fair amount of work done in that time. It recharges in about three hours so you can always send it back to work.

I have two of these miracle machines; one for upstairs and one for down. My older one is almost four years and my newer one I have had for two. I have only replaced the battery once in the older one, and I think it might be time to replace the brush. I run them at least once a day and have never had any major problems. The Roombas handle my four-year old and two dogs with ease. Everything on the Roomba comes apart with ease and the manufacturer even provides you with detailed information on parts if you go to their website. Parts are easy to obtain and worth their price.

So if you’re like me and just run out of time for some of the simpler chores look at investing in one of these robots and I don’t think you will regret it.

A. Carvelli
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