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Excellent customer service is a key component for any company. All companies have customers. Customers can be internal and external; purchasers or users. Everyone is a customer and word of mouth is the best advertising you can get. If you give poor customer service that person (or company) will tell everyone, including their third cousins dog groomer. Bad customer service is like a death rumor, it passes  around quickly and easily. Rumors like that have been a slow death for more than one company.

What companies don’t seem to understand is that good customer service is expected of them. The average person wants to be helped with minimal hassle. We do not want the upsell, we don’t want to be told the failure is our fault(though there are cases where it is the customers fault), the average person does not want to be told that it is out of warranty by a week. If the customer service is good or adequate then the company will never hear anything from us, they did what we expected them to. In these cases silence is good.

Excellent customer service, those that go above and beyond the scope of duty. Those unfortunately do not always get the praise they deserve. When a salesman walks you through programming your new phone and ensures that you know how to really use it, when the rep goes out of the way to help you find the perfect gift for your aunt, or even when the salesperson talk you out of a purchase because it’s not right for you, those are excellent CUSTOMER service. Those are the customers who will return, the ones who tell people about their experience, the ones who direct people to your store instead of the competitor. I applaud the salesmen I have seen who suggest cheaper models that are just as good, or the ones who tell you that your item is coming on sale soon. You are serving a customer, and at that point acting in your customers best interest.

So why am I writing about customer service today? I am writing because I experienced EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. A few days ago I wrote about my Roombas, coincidentally my newer one had issues. I emailed IRobot customer service with the problem and an hour later I had a response from them. They wanted me to either call them or provide my phone number so they could call me. I called the toll-free number provided. I don’t recall hear anything about language preferences, I chose the option for customer service and a live person answered within a minute. She verified my information, asked me two questions about my Roomba and then told me the company would send me a new one once I returned my existing one to them. They even sent a followup email with all the details. It was entirely hassle free.

I love IRobot, I love their product and most of all I love their customer service.

A. Carvelli
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