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Today I am going to be just a post/ rant about stupid people.

Why do people not realize how public the internet is? Everything you put in writing whether it’s on Facebook, a blog or a message board will always be there. You cannot delete the internet, a copy will end up on someones server somewhere and it will return to haunt you. You should not be posting private information that you wouldn’t tell a stranger.

Do not post things like your address and phone numbers, not unless you are inviting every sicko and stalker in the world to stakes out your place. Do not post when you’re on vacation or those sickos and the local thieves know exactly where to go.

Posting that information about yourself is bad enough, but when you start posting that information about your children or even worse, someone elses child you are asking for a world of trouble. While blog surfing I have seen blogs that have absolutely terrified me. Some of these parents, grandparents and other relatives have spared no detail about the children in their families. If I was a child molester I could easily get every piece of information I needed so that child would easily come with me. People post links to the schools, teachers names and the entire schedule including soccer practice. I have seen everything from birthdays to detailed descriptions of the ‘cute outfit’ their child wore to school.

Unless your child has some rare life threatening illness that you want the public educated on you should not be posting private details about the doctors appointments. The only detail some of these people have neglected to mention is the social security number.

After reading some of these posts I could easily locate your child and convince them I am a friend of Aunt Joan and was asked to pick them up because her car broke down. I could pull some random scraps of convincing ‘private knowledge’ from off the website and you would never see your child again. Please…I beg all of you, please think before you post