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Todays article is one I wrote as a ‘test’ article for a job. When I started into this ghost writing I foolishly offered test articles to people and spent an elaborate amount of time doing up a lot of articles. Some of the people stole the articles. It took me a while to catch on…now my samples are short and in pdf form with a copywrite across them. I also tend to use the same two or three samples.

Below is a small sample article I had written that hasn’t gone anywhere.


The Wonderful World of Bingo

Bingo is an amazing social yet simple game that hundreds of people participate in on a daily basis. Bingo consists of a 5×5 board filled with numbers and the letters ‘B’ ‘I’ ‘N’ ‘G’ ‘O’ at the top of each column. There is a caller who randomly select numbers which they then call out and the player marks off the corresponding number. When the player gets five numbers in a row then they call out BINGO!. The object is to be the first to be able to call it out.

In England they have a variety they call Housie which consists of a 3×9 board with five numbers along each line. The winning combination in this game consists of getting a complete row of five numbers. The common winning call on this game is HOUSE! or LINE!