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It has become perfectly clear to me that in today’s age of electronic communication that one must learn to market themselves and the company they represent. Your online identity must be sterilized so as to offend the fewest people possible and you must somehow separate your work identity and your personal identity. May the heavens smite you if your Twitter post says something anti-semantic, or maybe your Facebook account was passed a racist joke, and Pinterest, I think that is the one social media you can get in the most trouble without saying a word.

Perhaps everyone needs to assume secret identities and run around in masks when not at work. It seems a frequent occurrence that someone looses a job, scholarship or crown because of something that was posted on a social media site. Yes there have been cases where someone stupidly posted something that proved they committed a crime, but that is just stupidity on their part. How much control do you have if a friend posts pictures from the stag you attended three months ago? What if an ex decides to put up less than flattering photos of you? Yes, you can untag them, but they can always re-tag them and as many of us have learned over the years…the internet doesn’t go away. Once something is out there it will be on someones server somewhere.

As I start advertising my skills I am tentatively putting my neck out there and exposing myself to the perils of an online identity, I am trying carefully to keep my ‘play’ persona from crossing with my business identity, there isn’t really much difference between them but I don’t need photos to appear of me sitting on some strangers lap. I’m not cheating on my husband and anything I do out at a party he is fully aware of, but we all have fun and sometimes photos get taken at the wrong time and get taken out of context.

I read some of the stories out there and wonder if might be safer and easier just to walk down the street naked, at least then I know what to expect and I know exactly what every sees. I don’t think that could be taken too far out of context, and who knows…it might get me the job that the rest of the ‘safe’ advertising won’t.