Viruses, those are the things that other computers pick up when people go to those kind of sites. You know the websites I’m talking about, the ones that you would never go to.  Occasionally someone (never you) opens an email attachment and gets something that send spam out to all of their friends. Even so there are these wonderful programs called anti-virus that defend your system and keep all those nasty things from harming your system.

Unfortunately even you are susceptible to a virus attack. When was the last time you updated your system? When did you last do a full scan? What about a boot scan? Do you even know what I am talking about? No matter what anti-virus software you have it is only as good as you let it be. If you do not use it, it’s not effective.

You need to update your system regularly so it has the newest definitions to protect  your system, most anti-virus have an option to check for updates, ensure that your is doing that automatically. Your anti-virus should be running all of the time and you should have it set to run a scan at least once a week, but you should also once a month go in and do a full virus scan. Set it up for a full virus scan and walk away, the less programs you have running the quicker the scan will run.  This allows your anti-virus program to look at programs in more depth and to look at programs and files it just skimmed over before. The last item you need to do periodically is run a boot system scan, this will let the anti-virus program look at programs it was locked out of while in Window. This will make your computer to take a long time to boot, but its well worth it and it help remove any pesky viruses that have chosen to embed themselves in your system.

Your anti-virus program is like a toilet seat cover and keeps you from getting those diseases that only those type of people get.

April Carvelli