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Finding a random topic to write about isn’t always easy, in fact some days it’s next to impossible. Many suggest opening a dictionary and picking a word that you can run with. I have done that and found it to be an extremely difficult task. If I remember correctly the word I ended up with was ‘bad’ and I wrote on the slang usage of the word as well as the true meaning of it, struggling to get 500 words out of it. I think I stopped around 300.

A method I prefer (and that seems to be going okay so far) is to just put your fingers down and let them type, it’s rather random and you rarely come up with something publishable but it is writing and you are keeping yourself in practice any way that you can. The only problem with random writing is that you truly do not have a topic and can start going off on tangents, what started as an article about random writing may turn into one about a eucalyptus plant or a purple giraffe. Random writing is just a way to stay in practice, it’s not something that anyone is really going to want to read, it’s just one way for you to fill up the blank space and convince yourself that you are doing your job and filling your quota of words (even if it is a self assigned quota).

This wasn’t much of a ramble or even a typing exercise, it was more of a space waster, I truly feel for anyone that decided to actually read this far down. I hope you are grateful this was a short writing and that there isn’t anything more to read.