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Yesterday I was asked why did I pick the name “Killer Tea Cup” for this blog and the quick simple answer would be that I like the name. The true answer is a little longer.

When I set up this blog the intention was for it to be my online portfolio, where I would do article writing on various subjects in different styles and for the most part I have kept to that. I was originally tried to pick names that had something to do with what the blog would be, but as I am slow to join this online world of writing all the good names had been taken. I tried the obvious ones such as writersportfolio, ghostwriter etc..I even tried various phonetic spellings and none of them worked.

As I sat back to contemplate new names I picked up my cup and had a sip of my tea…there we go, almost everyone has a tea or coffee cup beside their computer (or bottle of something). So I decided it would have something to do with my morning tea, still no luck on the variations.

The previous night I had been on a sci-fi kick and had watched Pitch Black followed by its sequel The Chronicles of Riddick and it was from there that  I came up with the perfect title for my new blog “Killer tea cup”. During the prison scene on Cremetoria Riddick kills one of the prison guards with his tea cup.

Slam Guard: You’ll kill us… with a soup cup?
Richard B. Riddick: Tea, actually.
Slam Guard: What’s that?
Richard B. Riddick: I’ll kill you with my teacup.

Though now that I am looking up the actual lines I probably should have used “Death by Tea Cup” but I like what I have and it makes people ask questions, which is always a good thing.

Kyra: Death by tea cup
[pulls cup out of dead guards chest]
Kyra: Damn. Why didn’t I think of that?

How did you come up with your site/blog/screen name?

April Carvelli
Ghost of a Writer