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In today’s world it is more important than ever to have a kitchen garden and grow your own food. The benefits to your health and your wallet are vast, the only limitations are your space and your imagination.

With the recent economic collapse many people are having financial difficulties and the majority of peoples money is used to pay for housing, and transportation. For most, the remaining money is mostly the food budget. You can stretch your budget by having a small kitchen garden where you can grow your own fresh fruits, vegetable and herbs.

Just in herbs alone you can save a small fortune in your family budget. A small bottle of dried thyme will cost you between three and five dollars. It will only cost a dollar if you go to the local dollar store, but what are you really getting and where did it come from? For less than a dollar you can purchase a package of seeds and grow several plants from which you can harvest quantities of fresh thyme on an almost daily basis. In fact once your plant is established you will have more than you know what to do with and can dry your own, give it away to friends or try it in new recipes. Thyme is just one of many easy to grow herbs, you can even grow them on your windowsill where your kitchen will have the added benefit of a fresh clean herbal scent.

Another budget saver is the fresh vegetables you can grow. Beans, carrots, potatoes, even asparagus can be easily and cheaply grown for a fraction of what you would pay at the grocery store. You also have the added advantage of knowing where it is from, your fresh grown vegetables haven’t been handled by fifty different strangers on the way to your table. There are no unknown pesticides or chemicals, they are not coated to make them look more appealing, you know everything that went into them. You also have the added benefit that fresh home grown vegetables are not hot-house forced so they have the added taste that only the sun-ripened fresh picked produce does.

There are people who pay a lot of money for organically grown fruits and vegetables because they are healthier and taste better. Next time you are at the grocery store look at the price of an organic tomato, then look at the price for a packet of seeds. Think of how many tomatoes you could get from one plant let alone the entire packet of seeds. Do you need any more motivation to start your own small garden?

Yes, that packet will grow more than you will use, so give some away, take the starters to a farmers market or a garage sale. Your extra produce can be dried, frozen, or canned. There are many places where you can even sell your own produce for a fraction of the cost of store bought.

In today’s world it only makes sense to save money where you can and small garden is beneficial to both your health and your wallet.

April Carvelli
Ghost of a writer