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My baby a 1940 series 60 Oldsmobile

Vintage car insurance is evaluated differently than regular car insurance. The insurance on a vintage car is not about how safe the vehicle is, or how new or popular it is, the insurance on a vintage vehicle is about replacement or repair costs.

There are many types of insurance that prevents a vintage vehicle from being used for any purpose other than exhibiting or testing the car. Some insurances allows a certain amount of miles to be used on the vehicle per year regardless of their use. Most vintage vehicle insurers require that the vehicle is kept in a fully enclosed and locked facility when not in use, a few even have certain ventilation or heating and cooling requirements.

No matter what type of insurance plan you get, ensure that you research it before entrusting your precious antique to the company. Will they cover repair costs and will it be with original or recreated parts? What if it is stolen, will the value of the vehicle be covered? What about roadside assistance, if your antique breaks down on the way to or from a show, will they cover towing costs?

Look carefully at any insurance plans but especially those that will be protecting a nearly irreplaceable relic.

April Carvelli