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This was an article I had written based off the given title. The customer wanted a more positive spin so I rewrote it, but kept the original article.

Cheap car insurance is easy to find, but is it always worth it? If the vehicle is older or rarely used then cheap insurance may be a viable option. In most cases it’s not the smart move.

Motor vehicles are a large risk of encountering an insurable claim because they travel at high speeds in close proximity to other vehicles. The more a vehicle is used in a high traffic area; the greater the risk of a vehicular collision which will result in property damage or a liability claim.

It’s illegal for auto insurance providers to sell insurance that does not cover the state required minimum, however not all states have the same minimum requirements. Many states do not have a minimum requirement that would cover an accident which involved bodily harm or major property damage. Most states recommend carrying higher coverage than the state required minimums because most auto accidents end up with costs exceeding the minimums.

Many states follow a tort system which means if someone is involved in an accident then someone must be found at fault. The person deemed at fault is responsible for the damages which will be handled by that person’s insurance company up to the amount of their coverage. Any amount not covered by insurance must be paid out-of-pocket. Cheap car insurance is insufficient. No matter which state it is most insurance companies will recommend carrying approximately $100,000 for bodily injury and $300,000 per accident and if it is not a state law it is recommended to carry coverage for uninsured motorists.

Saving on car insurance is fine, going with cheap car insurance is a different matter. You can save on insurance by asking your agent about possible discounts, many offer safe driver discounts or multiple car discounts. Another way to save on insurance is to combine your policies so you home or rental insurance is by the same carrier. It doesn’t hurt to ask.