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A silly and small post, but it is for http://cruiseweb.com and a contest they are holding for a chance at $50 (small I know, but its money), I increase my chances by posting a blog on cruises and by posting their links….guess I’m a sell out, but that’s what I’m doing with my writing anyhow…selling it.


More often than ever families are traveling aboard a cruise ship.

Cruise lines are accommodating families with special children’s programs or having children’s events before tours begin. Some ports are allowing, younger children to stay aboard the ship while their parents go ashore for the day.

Many cruise lines are offering new shore excursions targeted at families or cruises geared towards the family such as the Disney cruises.

Most families choose the Mediterranean because there are so many recognizable sites but other areas are growing in popularity such as cruises to Europe.

History comes to life for your children when you take them on a cruise to Europe.

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