Hello and thank you for bidding on my auction. I was truly surprised that anyone bid on it. The auction was mostly put up as a joke, because I figured that if someone could auction off a bent paper clip, then why couldn’t I auction off something a little more personal.

I appreciate the fact that you bid on it. It shows that you have a sense of humor and that you appreciate some of the simpler things in life.

I had originally planned to write the letter on some nice pretty notepaper, but that is apparently not as easy to find as I thought it might be. I went to two drugstores a grocery store and Target before I gave up and chose this simple ‘writing tablet’. I probably need to go to an actual stationary store to find something.

When I was younger I remember that I always received a pad of notepaper and envelopes at Christmas, as a kid I hated it, but now that I am older I realize that it was my mothers subtle way of reminding me that I had to send out thank you notes.

Thank you notes, now that brings back memories. I remember being sent to my room to write than you notes. I would site there for hours barely writing anything then I would just give up , address everything and scrawl ‘Thank You for the nice’..Easter/Birthday/ Christmas ‘Present’. I never remembered who gave me what at that age.

I can tell that I am out of practice for writing as I can feel this in my hand, it uses different muscles. I can type for hours without feeling anything, it is actually sort of interesting to note the muscles I’m to used to using.

I know I had promised a hand ‘written’ letter and I guess this is technically printing. My actual writing is not the neatest, I suppose I should work on that.

I know that I truly didn’t say much in this letter, I just sort of put pen to paper and let it run its course. There was not letter formed in my head beyond the opening line of “hello and thank you…” If nothing else I found it amusing, and I sincerely hope that you do to.

I wish you the best


April Carvelli

The other day I was bored and popped onto Ebay…I noticed a category called ‘others’ and being who I am I just had to look. I saw some strange things being sold and I figured that is someone can actually sell a bent paperclip, then why couldn’t I sell something a little more personal. I was actually astounded that someone bid on my auction. The above is the typed version of what I sent out, I hope they enjoy it.

I guess its my way of keeping the post office in business and amusing other people.