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To clean your teeth correctly it is important to have a good toothbrush. A good toothbrush is inexpensive when compared with the cost of dental procedures. There are countless brushes in all forms currently available on the market. Choosing the best toothbrush for you begins by selecting the proper fibers, they are the most important because your tooth will frequently come into direct contact with them. You must also pay attention to the type, shape and arrangement of fibers prior to purchasing each brush.

Toothbrush fibers are made from nylon and /or polyester and come in hard, medium and soft. The fiber is used to remove plaque from the surface of your tooth. Hard and medium fibers can permanently damage the gums and tongue. Hard fibers can cause excessive wear on the tooth enamel causing periodontal disease, they can also damage some fillings. A soft brush removes the plaque as effectively as the hard and medium brushes.

The shape is also important. Brushes with sharp peaks can be more destructive to soft mouth tissue than the rounded brushes. The shape and size of the brush must also be able to effectively reach the back of your teeth and the teeth at the back of the mouth.

The fibers of your toothbrush should be distributed as dense as possible to allow for maximum plaque removal.

Worn brushes quickly loose their effectiveness. A new brush is 35% more effective than the a used one which is why it is recommended that your toothbrush be replaced every 2-3 months.