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The health and protection of teeth and gums (Oral hygiene) is very important in preventing many diseases. If the bacteria residing inside our oral cavity reaches the intestine it can become the foundation for many other diseases. Modern Medical Science is emphasizing the importance of oral health and the importance of cleaning teeth and gums. Oral health and preventive dentistry clinics are clean teeth, check teeth for oral diseases and create awareness in the client regarding preventive dental care.

The process of cleaning teeth and gums includes cleaning the teeth by removal of plaques and calculus, and applying methods like Fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride Treatment is very effective in preventing tooth decay. Antimicrobial toothpastes and mouthwashes are also useful.

The usual activities suggested by Doctors for protecting the teeth and gums include brushing twice a day and having a balanced diet. There are several oral care products on the market that can assist you in your oral care regime such as mouthwash, electric toothbrushes and dental floss. There are also several specialized products available only under prescription that should not be used without your Dentists guidance.

Cleaning teeth and gums is an important and interesting job in the field of Dentistry. The service of a Dentist is an inevitable part of modern life. People usually go to dental clinics after they got any serious dental problems and the work of a dentist is to fix the problem and start treatment. But, it is good to get aware of the potential problems of poor dental care earlier than treating later. The benefits of cleaning teeth and gums include preventing gum diseases and oral cancer, avoiding bad breath, and staying healthy by maintaining oral hygiene.