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When going on a wine shop or tour it’s not just about the wines themselves, it’s about enjoying the whole wine experience. You get to hear the stories behind the labels and learn the history of the vineyards. You lean what gives makes each vineyard and winery unique.

  1. Before you go on your trip you to plan it. It is best to only visit two or three vineyards so that you have a chance to truly take in and enjoy what they have to offer. By limiting your vineyard visits you don’t feel as rushed to move on to the next one and spend some time to truly get to know the wine.
  2. Plan to have a designated driver or use public transportation. Odds are pretty good that you will imbibe more than you realize and it’s always better to play it safe.
  3. Avoid wearing scents. Aroma is one of the key points for any successful wine, to truly enjoy the wine-tasting experience you must smell the mingled aromas permeating from the beverage, these are difficult to pick up when the person next to you is wearing a strong layer of Chanel.
  4. Every vineyard offers a plate of wine or crackers which are put out as pallet cleanser. They are to ensure that one taste does not blend with another. Between taste sample take a bite or two so that your pallet will be ready for the next experience.
  5. Drink at least one glass of water between winery visits. This helps to reduce intoxication and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.
  6. When moving through samples start with the lightest wines and work towards the heavier and sweeter wines so the previous wine does not overpower the lighter ones.
  7. As you see each sample don’t forget to go through the basic sampling process of see, smell and taste. When you hold up the glass analyze its coloration and clarity then slowly swirl the glass to aerate it, Watch how the wine trickles down the inside of the glass leaving ‘legs’. Next hold the glass below your nose and note the aromas. Finally take small sip and hold it in your mount as you inhale over top of it. The air releases the flavors and aromas and allows all of your sense to ‘taste’ the wine.
  8. The final step of any wine shop tour is to enjoy yourself and perhaps pick up a bottle or two at your favorite winery.

When you go on a wine shop following these simple pieces of advice will enhance your touring experience and make it an enjoyable event you will not hesitate to repeat.