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As a heating and cooling company serving Central Maryland & Southern Pennsylvania we know that selecting the correct furnace for your home is essential. Our heating and cooling experts will help you make the correct choices to ensure that you get the most efficient and best furnace for your home.

We carry a wide variety of heating options including furnaces with high-performance features that will maximize your savings. A furnace performance refers to how comfortable it makes your house. There are several basic styles of furnace; single-stage, two-stage, and modulating.

A single-stage furnace runs at 100% capacity and produces some slight temperature variances in the house. They tend to blow cold air before the furnace truly heats up. A two-stage furnace runs at about 65% creating longer heating cycles. They have variable or multi-speed fans that will reduce the temperature variances and eliminate the cold air blowing prior to the heat running. These units typically run quieter than the single-stage furnaces. Modulating furnaces are fairly are becoming quite common. These furnaces run at variable capacity between 40% and 100%, producing even temperatures with no cold spots or temperature variances.

To increase performance of any of these models there are additional high-performance features such as Energy Star, on-board diagnostics, and high-efficiency thermostat controls.

Higher performance models with high-performance features do have an initial higher cost, but the long term saving on her heating bills will make up for it.
As you would guess, the better the performance is, the more the furnace will cost. You can find 80% 2-stage furnaces and a few 80% modulating furnaces. Most 2-stage are at least 90% and most modulating furnaces are 95% and higher. Combining high efficiency with high performance makes for an expensive furnace.