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Internetwines.com is a total failure and a waste of time and money. I would not recommend anyone purchasing from them.

Back on April 30, 2013 my mother placed an order with them. She had thought it would be a nice birthday surprise if I had some of my favorite beverage (Guinness) appear on my doorstep.

At the time she had ordered me a 4-pack of Guinness Irish Stout, a 6-pack of Guinness Extra Stout and a 4-pack of Murphys Irish Stout. She even got a confirmation that day stating that the order would ship within 2-days.

On the 7th she found out that I had not received anything so she called the company who then informed her that they did not have the Extra Stout in stock so they hadn’t shipped the order. She had never received any confirmation that it had not shipped, or when it would ship. That was their first mistake.

As one of the beers was out of stock she requested that it be cancelled and shipped on to me, which it apparently was as I received it today and uncovered their other mistakes.

Mistake #2 was that they decided to substitute instead of cancelling and they substituted a 4-pack of Guinness Foreign Extra for the 6-pack of Guinness Extra Stout.

Mistake #3 was that they also substituted the 4-pack of Guinness Irish Stout with a 4-pack of Guinness Draught. They did not inform her that this not in stock when she spoke with them yesterday.

Mistake #4 – they did not mark up any of the paperwork as having substitutions, according to the paperwork I received I should have had a 4-pack of Guinness Irish Stout, a 6-pack of Guinness Extra Stout and a 4-pack of Murphys Irish Stout.

Mistake #5 – she never received any confirmation that the beers had shipped or that they had changed the order.

I called to complain and they kept asserting that she had asked for substitutions. I KNOW for a fact that she didn’t, because she doesn’t know Guinness and she wouldn’t have risked receiving lesser substitutions, and believe me a 4-pack of Guinness Draught cans is a downgrade from bottles of any of the above.

I inquired about getting her a credit and they ran me through some BS about the beers they substituted being the more expensive beers. Funny thing is that Draught is usually the cheaper of the Guinness’s, and they conveniently did not have it on their website for me to compare.

They did offer to send a return claim ticket to have FedEx pick it all up, but then I’d have to go through all the B.S regarding the shipping fees.

As for the substitution, anyone that has Guinness at least has the extra stout in stock as well, so I am not sure if I believe that claim either.

If you want to order alcohol online, then are a lot better places than this. I suggest you use any of the below and avoid Internetwines.com like the plague.

Good places to order beer online from the top of my head are:


Halftime Beverage

I am sure there are many others as well.