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Everyone wants their car to be unique, something that identifies them. Either with special paint, fancy graphics, or shag carpeting we all know just what we want our car to say about us. There are a huge number of things on the market that you can buy to ‘pimp out’ your car, some of them like exciting paint are quite normal, but some of them are outright strange.


The Carstache

This is probably the most bizarre car accessory out there. The Carstache will set you back about $40 and for that all you will get is a large car sized mustache you attach to your front grill. They are available in a range of colors and there is even a smaller version available for your bicycle. If you want people to take a second look at your car, then a Carstache is the way to go. It will take a lot of cleaning to keep the bugs out of it but if you want the most unusual car in your neighborhood this accessory is the thing for you.


Car Lashes

A lot of women complain that their cars are not feminine enough, this solves that problem in a very small amount of time. They are under $30 and let you make a feminine statement about yourself and your car. You can even buy crystal ‘eye liner’ to go with your Car Lashes, which will cost you extra, but adds some glamor to your car lashes. If you want to tell the world that you are 100% woman, without spraying your car pink, then these might be the accessories for you.