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Oscar the Meth Addict

Oscar the Meth Addict (Photo credit: LZ Creations)


When you are addicted to drugs, it can take everything away from your life. It takes away your friends, your job, your family, and it can even take your life. There are various drug abuse treatment options that can be used to help you overcome the addiction. Then there are rehab programs that will help you stay clean and teach you how to prevent relapses.


Drug Treatment Options


One method of treating addiction is with the use of medications. The medication will help ease the withdrawal symptoms, and handle the cravings. The following medications are all used to help treat drug addiction.


  • Methadone
  • Buprenorphine
  • Naltrexone


Behavioral Treatment Options


The prescription drugs help with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings, but then you will need a behavioral treatment plan to prevent relapses. The behavioral treatment is used to work on attitude modification, and learning skills to live a healthy life. The longer an addict stays in treatment, the better they will become at fighting off the cravings and learning positive life choices.


Most facilities offer two types of services and frequently utilize a combination of both as the patient recovers from their addiction.


Out-patient Services – Patients who seek help from a hospital, clinic, or other counseling services. They talk to therapists (for cognitive behavior therapy) and go to peer help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous meetings. These patients live outside of the facility.


In-Patient Services – Residential treatment centers, also known as rehab centers, will have the patient stay in a clean environment and receive a very structured rehabilitation program. They will receive the same tools that are given in outpatient, but they will not be subjected to outside stress. These patients will frequently graduate to an out-patient treatment.


Many patients who suffer from drug addiction also suffer from alcohol addiction. It is imperative that while in drug abuse treatment, the therapist is allowed to treat all addictions.