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Sometimes I hate freelance writing and that is because of some of the clients. There are two basic categories of clients.

The first category are clients that just give you total free rein, which is nice. These are the ones that give you a topic or keywords and tell you run with it. The second are the detailed clients. They provide you with an exact layout of what they want and how they want you to say it. Both categories of clients can be wonderful to work with, but you do end up with some horrible ones.

The problems aren’t with either category, the problems arise with the people themselves.  You have the clients that gave free rein and then they come back with all sorts of critiques, which make you realize that they did actually know what they wanted and expected you to be a mind reader and pull the information from their heads. In my opinion these can be some of the hardest clients to work for, because they claim that they don’t know what they want or don’t really have an idea, and then you find out that they do.

In the second group are the nitpickers. Don’t get me wrong, criticism is always good. These are the clients that end up with 18 revisions on a tiny article and on the final revision it’s back to 99% of what you had originally submitted. Or there are the ones that insist that their grammar and punctuation is immaculate and you are wrong, which always makes you wonder why they hired you to begin with. I’ve also had clients that gave me a technical topic to write about, then they refused to pay claiming I had gone off topic. After some going back and forth, I was delighted to be proven correct…they didn’t know anything about what their company was manufacturing.

Luckily the good clients vastly outnumber the bad ones, or least they have in my experience. Yes, I have had the non payers, but we’ve all encountered those and learned to live with it. I’d actually rather have a non payer than some of the more argumentative ones, my time is worth more than that.