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ImageThis is the first book in a new series, however I will not be looking for the sequel.
This is not a bad read, just a boring one. The plot line is predictable and the characters are boring. It reminds me of a novel written in a classroom: all the plot points are there, all the grammar is correct, but it is written very much ‘by the book’. It is too cut and dry for my taste.

There are a lot of characters with potential, but no true character development. The way the characters constantly refer to past events makes it also feel like it should be the middle of a series rather than the beginning. It’s one thing to leave the reader ‘wondering what happened?’  when it comes a characters past, but the writer doesn’t make you ask that question.They give you the cheater notes and make you go ‘oh is that all?’.

Over all, I guess it’s not a bad read if you don’t want anything intense. It’s a good book to take to the laundromat because you can easily divide you attention and not really care if someone steals your book.

I can’t complain too much, because my money didn’t go into it, it was a give-a-way at C2E2. If I had bought it, then I would be a little upset that I wasted good money on something like this.