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100_5085Well today I called the numbers on the papers. It seems that both numbers go to the same voice mail system and at first it seems pretty straightforward to return the pills. It starts out by telling you that both the Simply Garcinia and the Simply Green Coffee Bean need to be cancelled separately. That seems pretty simple to me, especially since they gave you two different numbers to call.

One of the first options is to cancel your subscription and keep the remaining pills, I am sure that most people instantly jump at this and press #1 without listening to the rest of the message that comes after the brief pause.  If you wait the half second they continue the message by telling you that the subscription will be cancelled, but you will be billed the discounted price of $74.71 for the Simply Green Coffee Beans and $ 61.55 for the Simply Garcinia.

You wait another minute and you are finally given the option to return the pills and cancel your subscription with no further billing. After you select this option you are given an address to return them to, they repeat this quite clearly so it is easy to get the address, but after that there is a long pause and a mechanical voice comes on and quickly spews your RMA # at you. If you have a bad connection, are slow, or hard of hearing then you will never manage to capture the number that is not repeated.

The good news however is that they do send you an email with the information. I plan to return the empty bottle tomorrow (but continue trying the rest of the pills). Lets see how long it takes to get my money.