It’s been a while since I have been here, and if I want this to be my writing resume I really should return here more often and keep it updated.

It has been a busy few months, ghostwriting continues to run hot and cold. Some days I have almost more than I can handle. On top of that I work not quite full-time as a personal assistant/ executive secretary / web mistress Jack-of-all Trades for Go Green LED Alternatives, and I am a rep for Abiya Mashrabiya.

The work keeps me busy and when I am not working I am being a mother and wife with my remaining free time being taken up by Cosplaying, Car Shows and Renaissance Faires. I guess I can not say that I am bored.

When I was completely unemployed I stared several blogs, and all of them have been neglected for a very long time. I’m going to start slow by reviving this one and see if I can bring the others back to life once I have this one going.

Hopefully you hear from me soon.