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Kurt_Wagner_(Earth-616)_from_Nightcrawler_-1A few days ago in my post “Do I Qualify as a Veteran Writer Now” I mentioned several sites I had been a part of and how several of the sites were now defunct and never made it of the ground floor.

However, shortly after I posted that I got an offer to get in on the ground floor of an endeavor that I think will take off. It’s a new media outlet for all things pop culture. We will talk about comics, toys, gizmos, conventions, cosplay, tech and even cars. Basically, if it is cool we will cover it.

You wont see us rehashing something old, you wont see us reposting others peoples articles. This will be all us, all original. This is going to go somewhere big. We will be working on interviews with well known actors, cosplayers, and maybe even a few rocket engineers.

I want to take this opportunity to introduce the newest in pop culture news Pop Cult HQ. This will be the place to be.