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DC is making a lot changes and attempting to modernize their look, some of it is good, some of it not so good. Many of these changes are in response to the popularity of their TV Universe and their attempts to align the comic with the show, other changes we haven’t figures out yet.

The most recent changes involve the costumes of some of their most iconic superheroes.

Green Lantern:

Old VS. New

Old VS. New

A hoodie? Seriously? The costume is created by the ring, it’s not even real clothing so why would they go with a hoodie? Green Lantern already has a mask, so it’s not to hide his identity, besides everyone knows who he is. Hal Jordan is currently a fugitive, but don’t you think he would have better luck hiding out if he didn’t glow?

The Flash:

Old VS. New

Old VS. New

I’m not seeing a lot of change here. It appears to be a slightly darker shade of red and the logo looks a little closer to the one used on TV. As for the lightning bolts surrounding him, I’m thinking those are for effect, not part of his costume, but if you look closely it does look like they are imitating the lightining stripes on the movie costume.

Green Arrow:

Old VS. New

Old VS. New

This character has probably gone through more costume changes than I know about. I really don’t know why they bothered to change him as his newest look was perfectly fine. Other than giving him looser pants they didn’t do too much. They gave him a compound bow, different bracers and took away the useless armband. I don’t


superman1The classic Superman we all know has a cape, tights and a big red ‘S’. His colors have a changed a few times, but it’s always essentially been the same costume. This is a big difference. Now he is dressed just like everyone else with a T-Shirt and jeans, I guess his Clark Kent persona can never go casual again. This new Superman now looks more like newer Superboy. Not a look that impresses me.


batman1There is no way that this is the new Batman costume, it can’t be. There is nothing that distinguishes it as Batman, this could be anybody. It looks more like Lex Luther contraption to fight Superman than a Batman costume. Or maybe it’s one of Batmans specialized suits to fight a villain. If this turns out to be the new official Batman costume they are going to lose a lot of fans.

Wonder Woman:

wonder_womanAnother character who has a lot of costume changes over the years and this is one of the best changes she has had. It homage to a few of the older costumes while still being original. I also like the fact that the armor is practical. Instead of showing copious amounts of bare flesh it actually covers the vital areas. She now has something to protect her throat and the other areas that anyone out to kill you is likely to aim for. As she tends to engage in more physical fighting the armor is also conducive to movement, giving her range of motion. Unfortunately they went with spaulders instead of pauldrons leaving the armpit wide open for attack and negating half of their function. They do however still function to minimize the area between the shoulder and the neck, making it more difficult for your assailant to get a good blow. The skirt thingy is nothing more than esthetics, with no function. The bracers however are extremely functional, provided that those blades retract.

Over all this is probably our favorite costume change out of them and a move in the right direction.