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11156212_10101650298874925_8307586902000411351_nThe weekend is over and I have a hardly begun posting pictures and information from the C2E2 weekend. I have some pictures posted over on popculthq. Some Day 1 and Day 2 pictures are up. Some Day 3 pics will be up later today. I still need to sort through my pictures and do some edits before I can get them all up.

Photo by Will Byington

Photo by Will Byington

I gave out a lot of business cards. If you received one of the cards that said WINNER!! Then check out this post to claim your prize.

Danielle Neville

Photo by Danielle Neville

If you saw me and took any pictures I would be delighted to see them. I was Maleficent on Friday (accompanied by giant Groot and Baby Groot,) Part of the Spaceballs group as Snotty on Saturday, and on Sunday I was a Judge Dredd (With Stallone style shoulder rig and accompanied by a young Sith Lord.) We weren’t in the gear long on Sunday, it was just too crowded. So after a while we were just civilians.

I left with quite a few cool things, that I can hopefully snap some shots of later..