Hello out there. I’m not even sure anyone is reading this blog, but that is okay. This blog is set up more as my portfolio and resume for writing than for anything else. If I see something cool I will put it up here, or if I have excess articles they will go in here. As you can tell, I don’t have excess articles, probably because I am pretty darn busy and only seem to have time to write the articles I am assigned.

I get up at 5:30 and start writing. I make sure the kid is up by 7, feed him and get him out the door and on his bus by 8:20. I then continue to write until 9 when I head to work. Hopefully by nine I have cranked out two to three articles.

I work until 3 or sometimes 4 and then head home. If the weather is decent I will work in the garden until about 5, if the weather sucks then I either use this time to write more articles or I clean. I start dinner around 5 and by 6:30 I am usually writing again or at least doing some research. I get the kid in bed at around 8 and then spend until 9 doing whatever needs to be done.

I usually try to wrap things up by nine so I can spend an hour or so with the hubby before crawling off to bed and starting it all again.

Not much free time to read, talk, catch up with friends or to just chill out, but it seems to be working okay for now.