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Todays event is the Dupage County Comic Con. It’s a lot smaller than C2E2 but you are more likely to get better deals, have better conversations with the artists and see more things than you do at the big cons.

While there, I will be handing out a business cards. If you received one from me, look at it closely because you may have won a prize.  If your card has something ‘winner!’ written across it you have won a prize. To confirm you are a winner you will find a secret word written on the back of the card, you will need that word to claim your prize.

If one side of your card resembles this, then read on to claim your prize

100_5838To claim your prize you must email me at acarvelli@live.com with the following information:

  1. Visit popculthq.com and give me the title of one article
  2. Go to popculthq on Facebook and like us – email your facebook name so I can confirm it
  3. Give me the word that is written on your card
  4. Send me your name and address, so I can send out your prize.

You have until July 27th to claim your prize