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Wizard World Chicago 2015 might have been mostly cosplay for me, but it is fun for everyone. This is the place to go to find toys, comics, graphic novels and Pop Vinyls.

Every where you look you will see walls of Funko Pop Vinyl figures.

With this many figures around you would think that the odds of finding what you wanted would be pretty good, but we never did manage to find anyone that had a Hordak.

The variety of items on display were astounding. You could create your own cosplay from budget to high end just with merchandise available at this con. Or even plan out your Halloween

Costuming, props, even face and body painters were there to demonstrate their wares.

and if you weren’t into doing it yourself, then Halloween Chicago and a few hounted houses were there to advertise as well.

If you or your child were into Legos there was also no shortage of mini-figures, of course most of them weren’t Legos but does it really matter?

There was something for everyone at Wizard World Chicago. Books, cars, art, even pictures of pretty models and educational exhibits.

If you were hungry there some food vendors. One of the most attractive was the display by Max and Benny’s. They had some awesome looking cookies and they tasted pretty good too.100_6299 (600x400)

The one vendor that astounded me by attracting the longest line, was the also the most common.  I spoke to people who were standing in line for over a half hour, just to get their precious wares.
100_6601 (600x400)

Guess some people are just addicted.