Published Articles

This will be a continually growing (I hope) list of published articles

January 2015

Samsung TV and PlayStation Team Up to Give you Console-Free Gaming (Digital Landing)
What Should You Do With All Those Product Boxes? (digital Landing)
Ocap 4: Charter Remote Programming (Digital Landing)
What to do With Unwanted Gift Cards (Digital Landing)
Costumers with a Cause (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Kollision Con 2015 Review (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Daredevil to Face off with Kingpin (Don’t Hate The Geek)
The Zen of Star Wars (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Is there a New Emperor in The Force Awakens? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Marvel’s Vision May Not be too Far From his Comic Origins (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Gemma Atkinson out of the Running for Supergirl (Don’t Hate The Geek)
PlayStation 3 Games Through Your TV? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Cool Gizmos from CES 2015 – LulzBot Mini 3D Printer (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Cool Gizmos from CES 2015 – Alienware 15 (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Cool Gizmos From CES 2015 – The Ultimate Wacom Tablet (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Is Daredevil Being Over-hyped? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
No Flying Car, but We Can Get our Self Lacing Shoes …Soon (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Verizon Sets up to Give OnStar a Run For The Money (Don’t Hate The Geek)
The Flash Returns on Tuesday with a Promised Plethora of Villains (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Are you Ready for Liam Neeson in Taken X? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Want Free comics check out Humble Bundle (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Ever Wanted to Harness the Power of a Storm? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash May Never Meet (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Stan Lee to Appear in Marvel’s Agent Carter (Don’t Hate The Geek)
As Many Star Wars #1 Variant Covers as We Could Find (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Free Humble Bundle Comics Review (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Fibonaccis Sequence Brought to Life in Art (Don’t Hate The Geek)
A New Character to Enter the DC TV Universe (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Deadpool Finally Silenced? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Batman Vs. Superman – Where is our Trailer? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Doko: The Next Evolution in PC Gaming? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Photo Printing on the Go (Don’t Hate The Geek)
David Tenant a Sleazebag? (Don’t Hate The Geek)

December 2014

Comixology Review by an E-comic Amateur (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Star Trek 3 Release Date Announced with New Director (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Pee-Wee Herman to Return to the Screen (Don’t Hate The Geek)
The Geeky Nerdy Christmas List (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Was it Really North Korea that Hacked Sony? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
3-D Wrench E-mailed to the Space Station (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Color Changing, Lightup Data Transfer Cables on Sale (Don’t Hate The Geek)
FCC to Issue $105 Million Fine Against Sprint for Cramming (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Thanks to the FBI, Tor Anonymity May be Compromised (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Thousands to be Disappointed that the Minecraft Movie is Shelved (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Blade: The Tortoise on Wheels (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Sega to Turn Their Old Video Games into Movies (Don’t Hate The Geek)
USA Network Focusing on the Alien Genre? (Don’t Hate The Geek)
E-Comic Virgin Review of Marvel Comics App for Android (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Game of Thrones by Telltales Game is now available on Android, Review inside. (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Krypton: The Superman Prequel is in Development (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Aquaman is Now Confirmed to be in Four Movies (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Lizard Squad Attacks PlayStation Networks (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Spidey, Inhumans and the New Cap to Team Up in 3 Special Issues (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Xbox under attack: Lizard Squad Strikes Again (Don’t Hate The Geek)
Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals and More (Digital Landing)
12 Great Apps to Help Save Money (Digital Landing)
Set Up Your Own Ergonomic Office Space (Digital Landing)
Streaming Sticks Comparison: Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku (Digital Landing)
11 Inexpensive Tech Gifts for under $100 (Digital Landing)
7 Smart Kitchen Gadgets that Will Make Your LIfe Easier (Digital Landing)
The Charter TV App Gives You More Options (Digital Landing)
Programming Your Cox Cable Remote (Digital Landing)
How Does the Marco Polo TV Series on Netflix Compare to Game of Thrones? (Digital Landing)

November 2014
15 Handy Moving Tips for Pets (Digital Landing)
How to Avoid Hackers on Public Wi-Fi (Digital Landing)
Quick and Easy U-Verse Remote Setup (Digital Landing)
HDCP2.2: The Next Generation in Copy Protection (Digital Landing)
15 Handy Moving Tips for Pets (Digital Landing)

October 2014
Low Cost Cable TV Options (Digital Landing)
How to Save Money on Internet Access (Digital Landing)
5 Replacements for Redbox Instant Streaming (Digital Landing)
What does Net Neutrality Mean? (Digital Landing)
9 Common Moving Scams to Avoid (Digital Landing)
How to Watch Live Sports Without TV (Digital Landing)
The Big Comcast Remote – EZ to Read (Digital Landing)

September 2014
Chicago Wizard World 2014 (Facepaint)
Gamora by Moe Hunt (Facepaint)
Cosplay Makeup: The Ultimate Hellboy (Facepaint)
Hellboy Makeup by Christopher English (facepaint)
Get the Best Deals from Cable TV Providers (Digital Landing)
Legal and Free Alternatives to Cable TV (Digital Landing)
How to Improve the Battery Life in your Mobile Device (Digital Landing)

August 2014
Recycle Your IPod into a Security Camera (Digital Landing)
How to Program your XR2 Comcast Remote (Digital Landing)
Get Secure Wi-Fi and Remove the Freeloaders (Digital Landing)
Smart Surge Protection Shopping (Digital Landing)

July 2014
Meet a Chicagoland Area Facepainter (facepaint)
8 Great Apple TV Remote Control Features (Digital Landing)

June 2014
Streaming Battle: Roku Streaming Stick vs. Google Chromecast (Digital Landing)
Interview with a Paintopia Professional Face Painter (Facepaint)
The many Faces of Dachi (facepaint)

May 2014
What is 5G? And is it coming Soon? (Digital Landing)
You Can Customize Windows 8 Start Screen (Digital Landing)
5 Great iPad Games Everyone Should Play (Digital Landing)

April 2014
Wi-Fi Access with You Time Warner  Cable Login (Digital Landing)
Quantum TV: The Next Step in Digital Revolution (Digital Landing)
Setting up a Secure Home Network in 3 Simple Steps
(Digital Landing)
Redbox vs. Netflix: The Battle for Streaming Superiority (Digital Landing)
ISP Customer Satisfaction Rankings: Sometimes Bigger isn’t Better (Digital Landing)
Choosing a Satellite Provider can be Tough (Digital Landing)
Angry Birds: Creating the Red Bird (Facepaint)
Sugar Skull Facepaint Instructions (Halloween Makeup)
Zombie Ghoul Friend (Halloween Makeup)

March 2014
Netflix Keeps Freezing? Help is on the Way (Digital Landing)
Programming Common Cox Cable Remotes (Digital Landing)
Meet the Roku Streaming Stick (Digital Landing)
Clown Makeup: The Only Limit is Your Imagination (Facepaint)
How to Draw a Quick and Easy Bunny Face (Facepaint)
Day of the Dead Makeup (Facepaint)

February 2014
Apple Celebrates 30 Years (ipadhelp)
Walmart and Target have iPads on Sale (ipadhelp)
Do Sales Indicate a New Release From Apple is in our Future? (ipadhelp)
Disposable Spam Accounts? (ipadhelp)
Vudu Vs. Netflix: Which One is Better? (Digital Landing)
What is Flipboard? 7 Great Things About it (Digital Landing)
Get Discounts on Time Warner Cable Now (Digital Landing)

January 2014
Does Big Brother have Spyware on iPhones? (ipadhelp)
SnappyLabs is now part of the Apple Family (ipadhelp)
iBeacon Coming to a Grocery Store Near You (ipadhelp)
Apple Asks iPad Users, What will your verse be? (ipadhelp)
Apple to Issue Refunds on Kids App Purchases (ipadhelp)
iPad Air on Sale at Best Buy(ipadhelp)
Gag Order on Apple (ipadhelp)
Big News for Apple TV? (ipadhelp)
Understanding Bluetooth Earphones Better (Digital Landing)
Configuring Your Time Warner San Diego Email (Digital Landing)
FiOS Verizon Troubleshooting (Digital Landing)
Streaming Wars: Will Vudu Movies take the Lead? (Digital Landing)
How to Legally get Apps for Free (Digital Landing)


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