2012 Published Articles

Are you Endangering Your Own Child Online (Socially Active)
Avoid Information Overload Using Twitter (Digital Landing)
Tracking Down 10 Great Gadgets for Men (Digital Landing)
Holiday Classics in your TV Listings (Digital Landing)
Finally! 10 Great Gadgets for Women (Digital Landing)
Wi-Fi Safety: 6 Simple Steps to Avoid Hackers (Digital Landing)
Best iPad Applications for Your Money (Digital Landing)
10 Great Things to Buy With an Apple Gift Card (Digital Landing)
Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone (Digital Landing)
Cable Providers Give You More Than Just TV (Digital Landing)
Lower Your Cable Bill: Save Money Pt. 1 (Digital Landing)
Fight Rate Increases: Save Money Pt. 2 (Digital Landing)
Alternatives to Cable TV: Save Money Pt. 3 (Digital Landing)
Searching for Verizon FiOS Availability (Digital Landing)
Tips to Saving Money on Internet: Pt. 4 (Digital Landing)
10 Easy Money Saving Tips and Apps: Pt. 5 (Digital Landing)
Avoid Information Overload Using Twitter (Digital Landing)
Several Articles added to the Addiction portfolio
Troubleshooting your Vonage Phone Service (Digital Landing)
Go Green with your Cell Phone Energy in 8 Steps (Digital Landing)
Personalizing Your Mobile Phone (Digital Landing)
Cell Phone Confusion: What is 4G? (Digital Landing)
Just Exactly What is Apple TV? (Digital Landing)
Setting up a Home Network Can Be Easy (Digital Landing)
What Exactly is ‘Reverse Phone Lookup’? (Digital Landing)
Is the Dish Hopper Really Hop-tastic? (Digital Landing)
Satellite TV: DirecTV or Dish Network? (Digital Landing)
Program Comcast Remote Codes in 8 Simple Steps (Digital Landing)
Video Review of an Audi A4 2.0T Quattro (carsugar.com)
2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Crew Cab HD Denali (carsugar.com)
Mazda B-series pickup truck – a great vehicle for off-road fun (carsugar.com)
Ford Suspension Kits – Why buy them? (carsugar.com)
2010 Toyota tundra – The used truck of choice (carsugar.com)
Looking to buy a used Mitsubishi Montero? (carsugar.com)
Consumer review of the 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 (carsugar.com)
2010 Kia Sportage Consumer Review (carsugar.com)
Ford Mustang OEM wheels and diameter (carsugar.com
2010 Dodge Challenger review (carsugar.com)
2004 Chrysler Crossfire review (carsugar.com)
Ford Mustang OEM wheels and weight (carsugar.com)
Ford Mustang OEM wheels and width (Carsugar.com)
LinkedIn passwords leaked on internet (Imperfect Parent)
Child left on car roof by pot smoking mother (Imperfect Parent)
3-year-old found in possession of loaded gun during routine traffic stop (Imperfect Parent)
Hero teen conquers all to graduate (Imperfect Parent)
NYC mayor proposes ban on oversized soda (Imperfect Parent)
High school honor student jailed for truancy (Imperfect Parent)
R.I.P. – Robin Gibb 1949-2012 (Imperfect Parent)
Flesh-eating disease strikes new mother of twins (Imperfect Parent)
Arrest warrant issued in stabbing death of newlywed (imperfect Parent
Newlywed in dress found stabbed to death (Imperfect Parent)
Two-year-old found abandoned near a Chicago University (Imperfect Parent)
Woman tosses puppy from balcony and laughs (Imperfect Parent)
Gun found inside stuffed toys (Imperfect Parent)
Chicago to replace hi-tech with old fashioned (Imperfect Parent)
Vogue to stop using child models (Imperfect Parent)
Senior spends 2 hours in ER after prom invite stunt (Imperfect Parent)
55-year-old postcard leads to the trip of a lifetime (Imperfect Parent)
Mother accused of letting 5-year-old use tanning bed (Imperfect Parent)
The unsinkable Titanic to float again (Imperfect Parent)
Old cars (wwwcarscom.com)
Visit a florist today (weeklyflowerdelivery.com)
Prevention & removal of mould (gettingridofmold.com)
Reported nonuplets a farce (Imperfect Parent)
Mexican woman pregnant with nonuplets (Imperfect Parent)
Police arrest 6-year-old on charges of battery (Imperfect Parent)
Mad Cow disease found in the U.S. (Imperfect Parent)
DogTV for the canine couch potato (Imperfect Parent
4-month old infant dead of suspected shaken baby syndrome (Imperfect Parent)
Missing child case reopened 33 years later (Imperfect Parent)
Will New Years Eve ever be the same? (Imperfect Parent)
Chicago man admits to biting and beating toddler (Imperfect Parent)
Taxes pushing U.S. citizens to renounce (Imperfect Parent)
Dole recalls bagged salad because of possible Salmonella
 (Imperfect Parent)
Corn shortage could affect your wallet in the coming year (Imperfect Parent)
Free Online Gaming (wwwonlinegamescom)
Getting a Tattoo (flowertattoos)
Chaperon who had heroin on school trip pleads guilty (Imperfect Parent)
Could your manicure be toxic (Imperfect Parent)
13-year-old Washington State boy saves schoolmates and bus driver (Imperfect Parent)
Owning Art Print Posters (artprints.cc)
How to teach parakeets tricks (Helium)
13-year-old girl missing from Chicago neighborhood (Imperfect Parent)
Chicago couple awarded $8.25 million for the accidental death of their infant son (Imperfect Parent)
Is cheap car insurance worth it? (carscom)
How to care for an Easter chick (helium)
12 years after abduction of daughter, man gets 3-year sentence (Imperfect Parent)
Common songbirds living in both the US and Europe (Helium)
Abducted boy returned to his mother 8 years later (Imperfect Parent)
Two children injured in police chase (Imperfect Parent)
The devil made me do it (Imperfect Parent)
Hard boiled virgin boy eggs for breakfast? (Imperfect Parent)
Chicago police abuse daycare parking (Imperfect Parent)
Incredible feat of reconstructive surgery (Imperfect Parent)
U.S. healthcare at a major turning point (Imperfect Parent)
Prescription abuse on the rise (Imperfect Parent)
How to maintain energy levels when there is no time for lunch (Helium)
Cash mob strikes again (Imperfect Parent)
Two Illinois State University Students found dead in dorms (Imperfect Parent)
13-year-old Chicago boy missing (Imperfect Parent)
Safeway to stop use of “pink slime” (Imperfect Parent)
Missing Illinois woman and sons found alive (Imperfect Parent)
Why People buy classic cars (Helium)
Mistletoe and the sacred oak of the druids (Helium)

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