Resume Writing

I have done a lot of resumes for various people and I will give some very easy basic advice on resumes and job applications.

  • Don’t abbreviate unless it is a common (to the public) abbreviation
  • Keep your resume updated and take it with you
  • Keep your references updated, and make sure they know they are a reference
  • Don’t hand in crumpled or stained resumes or applications
  • Use a professional sounding email address does not cut it

I have done a lot of free resumes for my friends, but I need to make a living too. I have decided that I will offer my Resume writing skills for sale at the following rates;


$10 for truly minor tweaks on an existing resume (grammar, style, punctuation)

$20 to update (add some current information, rewrite job descriptions)

$30 to write it, if you provide the information (you give me a list of what you have and I put it together)

$100 if I do everything (I give you a questionnaire which you complete to the best of your ability,  I will then attempt to fill in the blanks and give you a respectable resume)

Cover Letters

$10 – A generic fill-in-the-blanks cover letter can be any of the following styles

apply for an ad
cold application
introduction letter

$30 – A customized cover letter tweaked for the position you are applying for

I realize that not everyone can write a decent resume, and a lot of people have trouble singing their own praises. If you truly need a résumé, or even some help with it. Contact me at with an offer, I do barter and trade.


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