Been a while, but I am still alive

I’ve been pretty much going nonstop since my last post. I have several steady contracts and a part-time job that will cover my butt when things slow down. After all it seems to be drown or starve in the writing business. I love this job, it has no dress code, the woman I work for thinks I am a genius because I can solve all her computer issues, I can work around my sons days off school, and best of all I rub elbows with some pretty high mucky mucks. If and when the writing slows down I have a feeling I can pick some good stuff up from them.

Took a few big contracts. I’m going to have an article published in a big trade magazine up in Canada, unfortunately it won’t have my name on it , but the pay was good and the client was a dream to work for. Also did a few tech instruction manuals. Those are very boring, and to make it worse you have to dumb yourself down to the lowest common denominator so you can tell everyone how to use the program. I didn’t quite go as far as telling them to push the power button, but pretty close.

I just lost one of my steady byline clients because he decided that he couldn’t afford me and interestingly enough, I got contacted later in the week by an unrelated site that wants to hire me and give me a byline for the same price. So I guess my prices aren’t too high.

The only problem with being so busy lately is that I had to make a choice to either neglect the blogs or my family…as you can tell my family gets my time.

Hopefully I find time to write on here soon, I hate to let all of this go to waste and I miss reading a lot of your blogs, I only get to glance in once in a while.


Wow! Am I behind

…but I guess that what happens when you get busy.

Since I last posted my life has definitely taken an upswing. At the time of my last posting things were pretty tight and money was getting short. I was selling things on Ebay to make the mortgage and I was looking at selling Bernice.

My baby, Bernice

My baby, Bernice

Well, everything if now coming up roses. The hubby got a promotion and I got my dream job. The beauty is that now my husband works nearby and we he no longer has to pay over $500 a month for commuting. That’s the part that was really hurting us.

I’m also still writing for my steady clients with an extra job here and there.

The bills are still piled up, but now we can make a significant dent in them.

Life is good.

Are You Losing Money by Not Having a Mobile Site?


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If you haven’t already realized it, the digital age is here and it is here to stay. If a retailer doesn’t have an online presence then they are losing customers and potential ecommerce. Even if you have a website, when was the last time you updated it? If the answer is more than a year ago, then it’s time to take another look.

Within the last few years, the sales of desktop computers has drastically declined. Mobile devices and tablets are how a large part of consumers are looking at the Internet. In the last year alone, tablet sales have risen 9% while the sales of traditional computers has declined by over 7%.

If a consumer is using a mobile device to view a website that was not intended for the smaller screen then some of the content is lost or distorted. If your website is not geared towards these more compact units then you will be losing ecommerce.

There are two different ways to create a website that is mobile and tablet friendly. You can either create a separate website exclusively dedicated for mobile devices or you can create a responsive website that incorporates features that are usable to both a standard computer and a mobile device.

Website Types

A dedicated site is a separate website, with its own URL. Frequently, a home page is set to recognize if it is being viewed on a mobile device then it redirects the browser to the dedicated page. The viewer rarely realizes they are being redirected as the URL is disguised behind a masker.

A responsive website contains code which causes the site content to resize itself to fit the screen it is being viewed on. This means that your site uses one URL and the coding, for all devices allowing the content to be viewed without any loss or distortion.

Responsive vs. Dedicated

Both site types can be good for business, it just depends what you, and your company, want out of your website and what resources are available.


A responsive site lets the web crawler more efficiently index your website content. A responsive site is also easy to view from multiple devices, ensuring that your potential customer can see what you have to offer. A single all-encompassing website is generally easier to maintain because everything is stored in one spot and all the content can be shared.

The two problems with a responsive website are speed and design.

  1. Speed – At one point, sharing content and images between, the devices, meant a slower site response time as it resized and reconfigured. With todays improved technology this is not as much of a problem.
  2. Design – the small size of many mobile devices means that many complex or subtle graphics are often lost. A company watermark in the background or an elaborate filigree pattern in a corporate logo will not be visible in a small screen. A consumer may also find that the watermark blends into the page content, making it harder to view. Less precision in detailing is required for the smaller screens.


A dedicated website for mobile users means that you can customize their viewing experience. You can add the fine details to the larger screen application without compromising the quality of the mobile site. The dedicated mobile website will also be smaller than its larger screen cousin while consuming less bandwidth and storage space.

A dedicated site has two major issues: space and maintenance

  1. Resources – You must maintain two separate websites which means more resources are consumed such as bandwidth and storage space.
  2. Maintenance – Both websites must be in sync with each other. Every update will have to be streamlined to fit both screen formats, meaning twice the programming and twice the manpower.

If you want SEO and search engine ranking then a responsive website is the way to go. Many search engines, such as Google, take factors like bounce rate into account when ranking a site. If a consumer bounces from your site to another, even if the other one is also yours, the engine can see it as the consumer jumping off your website.

The direction you take when updating your website depends on your company goals and the needs of your target audience.

September Update


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This month I did an article for an HVAC company to publish in a trade magazine, I also did several pieces of ghostwriting and picked up a new regular client

My published pieces included:

8 Things to do When Your Big Rig is in an Accident (Big Truck Finder)
How Truckers can Minimize their Tax Payments (Big Truck Finder)
4 Simple Steps to Direct TV Remote Codes (Digital Landing)
Verizon Backup Assistant: The New Little Black Book (Digital Landing)
The Angry Birds Store is Only the Beginning (Digital Landing)
Programming your Xfinity Remote Codes (Digital Landing)
6 Ways to Save with Cable Discounts (Digital Landing)

Drown or starve


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Those seem to be my only two options when it come to freelancing. I can’t seem to find a happy medium. Either I am ripping my hair out trying to meet all the deadlines while still providing quality articles or I am stressing about making enough to cover the mortgage. It seems to be all or nothing.

When I’m doing good and have lots of work, then my blogs suffer. I’m not even going to mention the state of my house when I’m overloaded with work. The nice part is that it ends up über clean when it’s slow.

On the plus side, I look I’ve picked up a nice new steady client. Also a fair amount of bit work, random articles that I actually enjoyed writing. I’ve tried for a job on Nuclear Safety, so lets see if I get that one. I’m probably a little more qualified than a lot of the applicants, because I have worked with Nuclear plants before. I know they are a stickler for paperwork and I can even tell you where 90% of them are (without looking at a map). Wish me luck on that one.


Sometimes I Hate Freelance Writing


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Sometimes I hate freelance writing and that is because of some of the clients. There are two basic categories of clients.

The first category are clients that just give you total free rein, which is nice. These are the ones that give you a topic or keywords and tell you run with it. The second are the detailed clients. They provide you with an exact layout of what they want and how they want you to say it. Both categories of clients can be wonderful to work with, but you do end up with some horrible ones.

The problems aren’t with either category, the problems arise with the people themselves.  You have the clients that gave free rein and then they come back with all sorts of critiques, which make you realize that they did actually know what they wanted and expected you to be a mind reader and pull the information from their heads. In my opinion these can be some of the hardest clients to work for, because they claim that they don’t know what they want or don’t really have an idea, and then you find out that they do.

In the second group are the nitpickers. Don’t get me wrong, criticism is always good. These are the clients that end up with 18 revisions on a tiny article and on the final revision it’s back to 99% of what you had originally submitted. Or there are the ones that insist that their grammar and punctuation is immaculate and you are wrong, which always makes you wonder why they hired you to begin with. I’ve also had clients that gave me a technical topic to write about, then they refused to pay claiming I had gone off topic. After some going back and forth, I was delighted to be proven correct…they didn’t know anything about what their company was manufacturing.

Luckily the good clients vastly outnumber the bad ones, or least they have in my experience. Yes, I have had the non payers, but we’ve all encountered those and learned to live with it. I’d actually rather have a non payer than some of the more argumentative ones, my time is worth more than that.




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August was a busy month for me, unfortunately not much of it was writing. I did several rehab related articles and a few herbal, but most of my time was spent enjoying the summer. The few I did get published were on my favorite site.

August 2013
Family and Technology Makes the World Smaller (Digital Landing)
5 FAQ About DISH Network Internet, dishNet (Digital Landing)
4 Steps to Program Comcast Remote (Digital Landing)
Comcast Triple Play: To Bundle or Not to Bundle (Digital Landing)
Netflix Profiles: A Whole New Experience (Digital Landing)


Herbal Baths


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A natural herbal bath is the perfect way to soothe away your aches and pains, remove stress from the day and improve your circulation. An herbal bath is simple to prepare and often requires nothing more than a trip to your spice cabinet or garden. Fresh or dried herbs can added either directly into the water or placed into a bag and allowed to steep.


Mother's Day


Ideally an herbal bath should be only slightly warmer than your body temperature. If the water is too hot then the therapeutic steam will evaporate before you have a chance to enjoy and your body is less likely absorb any beneficial properties of the water. Limit the bath time to about 20 minutes to avoid dehydrating the skin.


Useful Bath Herbs


Rose Petals
Rose petal have a soothing aroma and contain a small amount of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is known to help smooth skin. Adding a small amount of petals to the bath water will help moisturize dry sensitive skin.


Lavender is a fragrant additive commonly used in lotions and soaps. Lavender is used as a relaxant and a great additive for a stress relieving bath. Lavender is also a mild anti-septic which can help to heal acne and other minor skin irritations.


This popular herb has been used for centuries as both antibacterial and analgesic. Chamomile is commonly used to relieve skin inflammations such as eczema and psoriasis. Chamomile is also known for its calming properties and is frequently used as a sleep aid.


The dried leaves of Rosemary have an invigorating and warming effect on the body. Adding rosemary to a warm bath water is an excellent remedy for aching joints and sore muscles. It’s a great way to wake yourself up in the morning.


Lemon Balm
A bath with lemon balm is the perfect way to end your day it’s a tart lemony scent that helps revive spirits and lift depression.


Herbal Bath Recipes


Moisturizing Bath
1 cup dried Rose petals
1/2 cup dried Lavender


For Minor Skin Irritation
1 cup Chamomile
1/2 cup Lavender


To Relieve Muscle Aches and Stiffness
1/2 cup Lemon Balm
1/2 cup Rosemary
1/4 cup Chamomile


For Congestion
1/2 cup Thyme
1 cup Sage
1/4 cup Rosemary


July Publishing


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I am finally catching up, here are the published articles for the month of July.

Lifeshield Security – Low Cost Peace of Mind (Digital Landing)
Finally FiOS TV has an Android App (Digital Landing)
Time Warner Cable Hawaii Offering IntelligentHome Technology (Digital Landing)
Daytime TV on Time Warner Channel Lineup (Digital Landing)
How Do I Back Up My Computer? (Digital Landing)
11 Steps to Home Safety While Vacationing (Digital Landing)
Zaptoit to Find What you Want now (Digital Landing)
13 Ways to Unclutter Your Life (Digital Landing)
Need a Hearing Impaired Telephone? (Digital Landing)

June Publishing


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I have finally gotten around to updating the articles I have published under my own name during the month of June. I should get to July shortly. June had a few e-books and some editing for a decent sized publisher.

How to Connect iPad to the Internet (Digital Landing)
Simple Steps to Connect iPad to Printer (Digital Landing)
10 Great Tech Gifts for Men (Digital Landing)
Remote Control: Time Warner Cable Codes (Digital Landing)
How to Connect iPhone to WiFi (Digital Landing)


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