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Money is that thing that every one of us is pursuing, without at least some of it we can’t survive. We need to pay our rent (or mortgage), utilities, transportation costs and the ever essential food bill, then on top of that we have taxes we need to pay. Those are the essentials that we absolutely must have money for, if you want to be comfortable you need a little more than that, maybe enough for a computer and internet connection, or just a cup of coffee.

As I am unemployed I’ve been looking at ways to get some extra money, bits of pocket change here and there. I’ll admit that a few of these work off of an incentive program and I get bonuses if you sign up for them from my link, but not all of them do.

MyPoints – I have been a member of this site for at least 10 years, and with little effort I have been getting $25-$50 a year that I usually cash in around Christmas. They send you occasionally send you emails and you can take surveys, shop, search or browse for things on-line and earn points, which you cash in. There are many sites I would shop at anyhow, so I just go through my points and collect the points on what I was going to buy anyhow.

Send Earnings
– This is a site that I only just signed up for earlier in the week, but so far I have a little over $9 in my account. They have surveys, site engines, shopping and games. They also send emails, just click on the acknowledgment link and get paid for having read them, you don’t need to do the offer.

Synovate Global Opinions – I was part of Global Opinions for several years and Synovate, these two survey companies merged many years ago and I have been profiting from it ever since. They periodically send out survey and occasionally product tests. You fill out the answers and they give you points which you can then redeem for merchandise or cash. Once again, I don’t put much effort into it and I get about $25 a year from them.

Freesportsbet.com – if you like gambling, but aren’t serious about it this isn’t a bad site, they give you a few cents to start out with and you can earn bonuses through links, return visits and watching videos. They let you bet pennies or dollars on various sporting events. If you are good and manage to get $200 then you can cash it out. IF you play it right, you can do it all with bonus cash.

Without much effort with these sites, and I am sure there are others out there, you get at least an extra hundred dollars, which won’t get you far, but will still be nice in your pocket.

April Carvelli
ghost of a writer
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